How can we colour our carved creations?

20/10/2012 22:48

We can give a colourful note in our creations, colouring the carved flowers or whatever we want to do. 

Note: We are only using pastry colours which are approved for food use.

There are two ways of colouring, depending if we want to colour the complete object or a part of it, for example corners and petals.

1st way: If we want to colour the whole object we submerge it in a solution of food pastry colour with a shade of our desire.

2nd way: If we want to colour part of the object, then using a cotton stick or a brush we filled it with food pastry colour and we paint the points that we want.

Personal advice: The use of food pastry colours, must be done with thrift (cautiousness) and with colour harmony and naturalness and to be limited only if we do not have in our creation natural colours.