Я был бы вам очень благодарен и признателен если бы

Вы выразили свои пожелания и замечания в книге для

гостей.Это бы помогло мне во многом.


Спасибо вам большое.


С дружескими пожеланиями


Павел Павлидис

Βιβλίο Επισκεπτών

Дата: 06.11.2013

От: Lyaysan Mirsayapova

Тема: your carving inspires!

Dear Pavel,
I saw all the pictures and watched the videos of your fruit carving and it is ubelievable what a great work you do! It's an amazing artwork you create! I had my second breath opened after I checked your website. And I am so inspired to work on my carving!
Thank you for sharing it! And thank you for the inspiration! )))

Дата: 06.11.2013

От: Pavel Pavlidis

Тема: На:your carving inspires!

Thank you very much for the beatiful comment “To give the knowledge, mean to light from your lamp the candles of the others without loosing any of your flame”. Jane Porter Scottish...
What ever you need i am at your disposal :-)

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