Tips and how to start fruit carving?

What are the basic fruit carving tools?

20/10/2012 22:36
FRUIT CARVING TOOLS 1.  THAI KNIFE * It is used for detailed carvings that require slim and sharp blade, thanks to its ergonomic handle and we acquire freedom of movements during the carving process.   2. “PARROT KNIFE” ON DIFFERENT SHAPES * It is used depending the size and...

How do we maintain our tools?

20/10/2012 22:44
The phrase “clothes make the man” is very philosophical and right. The result of our work is dependent from the sharpness of our tools, so after the end of our work always we rinse them with clean water and we dry them very well, and after we sharpen them using a  special...

How our flowers will become more realistic?

20/10/2012 22:46
The flowers that we create in order to become more realistic, have to be placed into cold water after the carving. Cold water will help the expansion of the carving material, for example a radish with vertical and horizontal cuts in the cold water will open like a flower.

How can we colour our carved creations?

20/10/2012 22:48
We can give a colourful note in our creations, colouring the carved flowers or whatever we want to do.  Note: We are only using pastry colours which are approved for food use. There are two ways of colouring, depending if we want to colour the complete object or a part of it, for example...

How do we choose ours fruits and our vegetables?

20/10/2012 22:51
The fruits and the vegetables that will be used for carving must be hard, slightly unripe and well-washed for sure, because there is the case a customer will not only want to admire our creation but he will want to taste it. Their temperature must be on the range of refrigeration temperatures,...

How do we present the curved fruits and vegetables?

20/10/2012 22:51
When we want to present the curved fruits & vegetables we take into account the following factors: 1) The right positioning of our creation in order to be better designated.  2) The corner of customers’ visibility, involved with this creation. 3) The maceration of the creation...

How do we preserve the curved fruits and vegetables?

20/10/2012 22:53
Concerning the curved fruits & vegetables like melons, watermelons, eggplants and general the large ones, we cover them using a moist cotton cloth and we wrap them using a membrane. That helps with the hydration of creation and also it protects it from the atmospheric air. Concerning the...