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No one will be impressed if we refer that the home country of fruit carving is the continent of Asia. The specialists of this kind of food styling usually are originated from Thailand, China, Japan and other Asian Countries. 

Searching in the world bibliography and on the internet for the starting point of history of fruit carving, I found myself in the 7th century in China when the dynasty of Tang (618-906) and the dynasty of Sung (960-1279) ruled the country. That period fruit and vegetable carving was not only a privilege of the royal courtyards, but it was inseparable piece on the meal of the middle class.

The curved vegetables & fruits except of being the elements of food decoration, they were presented as a way of thanksgiving Mother Earth and a superior force that provided them with all these precious materials.

The most popular version concerning the home-land of fruit carving creation and development is the following:

700 years ago, somewhere in north Thailand in the city of Sukothai, the capital of the country from 1240-1350 AC in one of the Loi kratong celebrating festivities, one of the servants, Miss Noppamart thought that she could make the celebrating more beautiful in order to please her King, so she took a flower as a pattern and she carved it into a fruit and afterwards she carved a bird that it was oriented to the position of the flower.

The Loi kratong festivity is celebrated until now every full moon of month November. 

The decorating art is referred in the poems of King Rama II, who ruled Thailand from 1808-1824 AC that he be praised positively the decorated desserts and the sculptures that were formed from fruits and vegetables.

After the revolution in 1932 AC, the decorating art started to decline and to become less popular, and that fact filled his concerns a group of people, that put an aim to pass the art of fruit carving to young people in Thailand. 

The art of fruit carving is taught on the elementary schools of Thailand from the age of 11 years old and continues in the secondary education and also is taught in the University level.

On the modern times the cook immigrants of Asian countries in congestion with the “cookery anxiety” of Europeans, Americans and others that they either travelled in the countries of East Asia, either with personal effort and hard work, they involved in their homeland, were driven in the multiple development of techniques and materials on this area providing a new direction and a new boost in the art that we call fruit carving.

Pavel Pavlidis 

Chef & decorating art specialist


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